5 Elements

The five elements of nature are a blueprint of life. Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Buddhism, Shamanism, Sufism, Tibetan Medicin, Kaballah, African tribes, Eastern cultures, North & South American Indians, Aboriginals, Maoris; have all been following the 5 Elements in health, science, art and architecture. Complete societies, relationships, companies, groups and buildings are built on the perfect balance between these five energy fields.


Noëlle designs all her work according to the 5 elements. The wisdom of nature is translated into easy accessible yoga classes, massage sessions, power coaching sesssions, yoga lifestyle retreats, balanced business programs and specials for mid-twendy’s and people with Burn Out.


Are you interested in a tailor made program for your business, yoga retreat or other, please send your request to:
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Every person is dominated by a certain element. Every element has
its specific tendensies in reaction, emotion, physical en mental weaknesses and strengths. What is your nature; are you a water-, fire-, space/wood-, earth or air/metal person?

How can you deal with your tendencies? How do you create more balance in your relationships?
How do you create the best team or department? By balancing the elements.