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Noëlle Sterk
Noëlle Sterk


Hello world! My name is Noëlle. I am designing and guiding yogaclasses, retreats, programs and trainings for you and for business, based on the wisdom of nature. The 5ELEMENTS are a perfect blueprint for natural balance.

In massages and One on One sessions I apply the healing essence of herbs and flowers with the highest quality (organic and coldpressed) essential oils.

Who am I?

I often asked myself why I was born in a Western society; a system that seems so unnatural to me. The questions I asked myself since I was young always seemed different than others so I stopped questioning. My childhood didn’t offer much space to discover myself but when I broke out at the age of 19 I started exploring life and finding my truth.

The waves of my twenties were radical. Partying a lot, stormy relationships and pushing all boundaries with a dangerous attraction to speed and andrenaline. I had a great time though. I found myself in the coolest jobs, had a million friends and enjoyed my freedom. I loved street-skating and halfpipes and that was similar to life. When I fell down, I would get up, solve the problem and move on.  My optimism and enthusiasm were indestructible but I can’t remember one single moment that I felt IN BALANCE. At the age of 35 I felt I needed to change. I started doing yoga, not really aware that this would bring me to so many next levels.
Teaching yoga was something that never crossed my mind, but it crossed my path. After 3 years yoga teacher training I quit my job, started freelancing but soon  I realized I needed to write my own story. A little later I was asked to set up weekly yoga classes in Amsterdam North. Yogabreak was born and on a very beautiful location! Teaching yoga felt so natural and brought me a complete different level of satisfaction. A little later I founded Natural Yoga, a collective of yoga teachers, body workers and creative professionals that had a strong believe in a green, just and sustainable world. Together we organise festivals, events, outdoor classes, workshops and retreats. In about 10 years of yoga my whole life changed in a very positive way. And still I feel like a beginner … so much more to learn!
My deepest wish is to bring the wisdom of Yoga and nature back into our Western culture. I strongly believe this is needed because we are too much disconnected. Hopefully I can pass the inspiration and lessons that were given to me, in order to create a little bit more peace and happiness in the world around me.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

Yes that’s right, these are all different projects I’ve worked on.  Some are still ongoing, check my schedule to see what’s coming up!