How to reverse the effects of graphene, vaccine and 5G

By reading this article it becomes evident that we are not being “attacked” by an external virus” which needs to be “beaten”. Our bodies are disturbed by graphene oxide that comes in through water, air, food, hydrogels in PCR tests and through (more and more) Covid injections. Graphene reacts strongly to electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) and in particular with the wide range of frequencies of 5G. There seems to be a direct link between corona outbreaks and 5G being rolled out. But the good news is; we can do something about it.

The good news is: we can protect ourselves and reverse the effects by removing graphene oxide from the body, by helping the liver produce more Glutathione;; by protecting our bodies with Orgone energy devices. And don’t forget: homegrown food (toxic free) and a positive mood will keep our frequency high. Stay away from your devices as much as you can and stay out of the cities as much as you can because radiation is only increasing. Find your connection with nature, instead of ‘beating it’ or believing that we are apart from it and it is our enemy.

Understanding Glutathione

Graphene is attracted to areas of high electrical activity like the heart and nervous system, Boosting our glutathione with a good whole-food diet and glutathione-boosting supplements is what we need to do. Glutathione is our body’s master antioxidant; a substance made from the amino acids: glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. It is produced naturally by the liver and involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the immune system.  We have a natural glutathione reserve in our bodies. This is what gives us a strong immune system.

When glutathione levels are high in the body our immune system functions well. But when the amount of graphene oxide in the body exceeds the amount of glutathione, it causes the collapse of the immune system. The way that graphene oxide can rapidly exceed glutathione in the body is by electronic excitation.  Graphene oxide is activated by EMF, specifically the frequencies that are part of the 5G spectrum. Frequencies beamed at human beings with a build-up of graphene oxide in their body can cause the graphene oxide to multiply very rapidly, breaking the balance of glutathione and causing a cytokine storm in a matter of hours.

EMF’s that bombard the graphene to oxidise it, rapidly triggers the disease. At the age of 65 glutathione levels are drastically low. This can explain why the population most affected by Covid-19 are the elderly. Glutathione levels are also very low in people with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, obesity, etc. 

Graphene oxide when oxidised or activated by specific EMF frequencies overruns the body’s ability to create enough glutathione, which destroys the immune system and causes the illness.  In events of illness (such as Covid symptoms and all the “variants”) it is necessary to raise glutathione levels in the body in order to cope with the toxin (graphene oxide) that has been introduced or electrically activated.

N-acetylcysteine (“NAC”) is a supplement that causes the body to produce glutathione.  NAC comes from the amino acid L-cysteine and is used by the body to build antioxidants. Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that protect and repair cells from damage. You can get NAC as a supplement or a prescription drug.

Zinc in combination with NAC are essential antioxidants used to degrade graphene oxide. Ricardo Delgado states that with these two antioxidants he has personally helped people affected by magnetism after inoculation.  This is in people with two doses of Pfizer who have become magnetic and after these supplements they no longer have this symptom.

Also Vitamin D seems to play a very important role; people with the most severe symptoms seemed to have a lack of Vitamin D and people that were most resistant had a very good Vitamine D level. Such a simple remedy that got totally ridiculed by the media.

Glutathione boosters

  • Daily N-acetyl cysteine supplements 600 mg: 2 caps
  • Daily vitamin C 1000 mg
  • Daily selenium 200 mg
  • Daily vitamin D (get a brand that also has vitamin K2)
  • Daily zinc 20 mg.
  • Melatonin (before sleep)
  • Astaxanthin
  • Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Curcumin and Cruciferous
  • Milk Thistle
  • Quercetin

If you think you may have had a lot of exposure (Covid19- or other types of injections, swab tests, lots of hand sanitiser, face-masks) do the above twice a day for a few weeks. Of course, use your body intelligence and check what works for you.

The connection between EMF, 5G, Graphene Oxide, Hydrogels and Covid

Graphene oxide is the main ingredient in DARPA patented hydrogels. It is these hydrogels that are in the Covid injections, the PCR test swabs and the masks. Conductive hydrogels contain nanotech that locks on to your DNA and can be controlled by 5G sensors. They allow for DNA collection and manipulation. Conductive hydrogels allow for tracking and tracing of human beings. There are thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies and articles discussing conductive hydrogels.

Summary of Hydrogel & Quantum Dot Nanotechnology Characteristics – 
Click to Download

Orgone Energy, EMF Protection and Graphene Oxide

Since graphene oxide is activated by EMF, you want to create a protective barrier in your immediate environment that mitigates the EMF so that it does not activate the graphene oxide. In the 1930’s a discovery was made that can be applied today to help with EMF protection. During a series of experiments, the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered that living samples placed within containers made from alternating layers of steel and non-conductive organic material were able to harness healthy “cosmic energy” from the environment. He called this energy “orgone.” These orgone accumulators and had the ability to: preserve blood samples for longer periods of time; sprout healthier plant seedlings; and, provide pain relief.

Blood clots and Chlorine dioxide

It is thought that the blood clot related deaths caused by the vaccine are due to graphene oxide being accidentally injected into a small vein or artery. It is as sharp as a thousand tiny razor blades, and causes injuries to the blood vessels, that result in micro clots that can form heart-stopping bigger clots. These clots have been found by embalmers, who are shocked at how large they are. It has been shown that you can dissolve micro clots in your blood with chlorine dioxide. This is a simple product used as a safe water purifier. Just put it in your drinking water, following the directions on the pack. Here is more information

Recent Graphene Oxide EMF Blood Samples

The most striking study in light of recent discoveries of graphene oxide can be found in the “Reich Blood Test” performed by the Heraclitus Microscopic Research Laboratory.

The graphene oxide-based nanoparticles used in the Covid injections is designed to penetrate the membrane of the cells in order to get the mRNA into them. This constant penetration of the cell membrane wall could be what is causing these membrane deformities. According to A Laboratory Guide to Clinical Haematology at the Open Education of Alberta:

If you have any questions or comments on this article, feel free to leave your feedback in my chatbox. The article is a re-edit from articles in The Exposé (UK) and Fix the World (Morocco) and based on independent scientific research (links)

Keep the faith, stay calm and be healthy

Namasté, Noëlle

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