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Natural Yoga was founded in 2009 by Noëlle Sterk. Born out of the wish to create more awareness about a natural lifestyle, many yoga classes, conscious events and lifestyle retreats were co-created by feel good professionals of Natural Yoga. For every participant trees were planted in the rainforest of Brazil.

After 5.000 yoga trees, the collective activities have stopped but each one of us will continue the work on individual level. The website will be offline per 1 January 2018 but we will stay alive on Facebook. Check out the photo’s and video’s of our past events, feel inspired and keep the fire burning!

Namasté and thanks for all,

Noëlle, Ashley, Ces, Chantal, Steffi, Afke, Mariska, Noël, Dorien, Joyce, Claudia, Daphne, Simon
and all the friends that helped us to succeed our mission.

More info:

info@noellesterk.com, +31657315471