‘Beyond Asana’

Living and Teaching from the heart
27 July – 3 August 2019 ~ Ananda Dham Ashram, Golino, Switzerland

This course is for
beginning yoga teachers ~ 
that have finished a yoga teacher 
training and/or yogis that wish to come to a 
deeper understanding and embodiment of yoga. 
Basic knowledge of all aspects of yoga is required.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~On invitation only ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Re-integrating body, mind and Spirit through the healing artof yoga
Expanding your vital life-force with ancient breathing techniques
Understanding your cosmic nature through Vedic science
Learning about your elemental nature for better balance
Using the healing vibration of sound through mantra
Elevating food-making to the level of Love-making
Meditating  and mindfulness as a state of being
Learning to trust your healing power
Non Violent Communication
Managing mind & emotion
Living from the heart
Align with the

About the trainers:

Noëlle Sterk
I am teaching yoga for over 10 years now, pretty much fulltime but with lots of conscious fun around it … and I rolled into it in a very natural way. My yoga business has always been good; enough money to pay the bills and enough time to do the things that I wanted.. organising yoga events and retreats, yogaclasses on the beach or just enjoying free time. I trained with a variety of teachers, exploring many styles (you can find it here) doing all kinds of workshops and trainings to keep learning. And it all helped to find the path into my heart. Now I wish to share my experience with younger people that are just beginning. I understand their confusion and their capacity to make a change in the world but not knowing where to begin. I can feel their insecurity and stress, not-knowing if they will ever be able to make a living out of what they would love to do most. I would regret if they would make concessions based on fear, and disappear into a corporate job or little unimportant jobs, struggling to make a living and meanwhile the world would miss another potential leader. My wish is to empower them, inspire them, teach them what I have learned and give them the tools to become strong and confident, beautiful conscious beings and natural born teachers.

Arjuna van der Kooij
My good friend Arjuna is yoga philosophy trainer, bhakti yogi, India lover and editor for Mandala Publishing. I started Mystical India travels with him 7 years ago. 6 Amazing journeys I made with him and awesome people, some from the Netherlands and some from all over the world. And all of them so inspired about this realtime India experience. India keeps presenting her gifts year after year, also to us as tour guides, no matter how many times we have visited her before. India keeps surprising and amazing and there is no way to explain who, what or how she is. Arjuna lived in temples in India and served an enlightened spiritual master in the tradition Bhakti Yoga. He is one of the founders of an amazing litte Bhakti ashram in Switzerland, in the lush nature of the Swiss Alps, where we have been taking our groups for years as well. Again, amazing experiences and deep inspiration for all participants. Arjuna and I are working very well together. He has indepth mystical wisdom and a beautiful mind and heart, I can translate his transcendent knowledge into easy to understand Western words. We are very passionate about kirtan and preparing food with lots of Love. You will surely benefit from that 😉

Guest trainers & assisting crew: Merel Maria Meessen, Afke Reijenga, Blanca Wennekes, Karolien Lammens

Our offerings
We both feel that we want to upgrade our retreats and travels to a next level. We wish dive deeper into the spiritual wisdom with students that already have a basic understanding. For a student, it will be great to start on a higher level so they don’t need to learn what they already learnt before. Arjuna and I will share topics that the average yoga teacher training will not address at all or maybe point out shortly. And we see that this knowledge is needed; for both the students as for the world around them.

About You?
We know, by heart, that this experience will uplift your life in a powerful and meaningful way. It is not just “us”. or the training but the ashram is a very special place where bhakti yoga is being practiced for years and you will see and feel the results of dedication to spiritual life, in this little hand-made paradise. The beautiful nature, the powerful prana, the temple room and daily kirtan, the bubbling sounds of the creek, are part of this magical experience. This is the place where you can recharge your spiritual heart, without any pressure or dogma to follow a specific lineage. As a student, you will gain confidence in yourself as a spirit being and in your heart, that teaching or sharing yoga in whatever way will naturally. And because of your level of truth, students will come and learn from you.

Focus of the training
We will mainly focus on Living Yoga, much more than teaching advanced asana since there are plenty places to learn that. (Of course there will be teacher focussed asana classes every day). There is a small emphasis on Bhakti Yoga which we call the Yoga of Love or the path of the Heart. We are both pretty modern and integrated Western people so we are not going to turn you into woo-hoo spiri-wiri new age people. Don’t worry! You can totally be yourself and do it entirely in your own unique way because the best teachers are authentic and shining their own beautiful color into the world. And we are pretty sure that you will carry this week with in your heart for the rest of your life.

meditative view from the yoga platform in Ananda Dham, Switzerland

Dates: 27 July – 3 August 2019
Venue: Ananda Dham, 6606 Golino, Switzerland
Flight: Milan Malpensa, train to Locarno, pick up to the mountain by taxi.
2 hours hike up the mountain so travel light !
Price: 888 euro to be paid cash on arrival