Join me on my next trip to India

an 11 day pilgrimage in India, facilitated by Arjuna van der Kooij, Blanca Wennekes & Noëlle Sterk

28Feb Delhi, 29Feb Delhi-Rishikesh, 1Mrch Haridwar, 2-4Mrch Varanasi 5-9Mrch Vrindavan 10 March Delhi

More info soon!

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Flowing with nature @ YogaFest

Flowing with nature @ YogaFest

YogaFest, 6 &7 June 2015 at Houthavens Amsterdam5 ELEMENTS, Flowing with nature by Noëlle Sterk I feel honoured to share two yogaclasses at YogaFest Amsterdam, the first edition of a sparkling yoga festival in Houthavens, Amsterdam. Personally I am not a “asana-junkie”, I love to do yoga and love to teach “asana” but yoga has so … Lees meer

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