Pessaratu ! my favorite Ayurvedic pancakes

a Kapha balancing dish made of mung dal, rice (or quinoa), vegetables and lots of healing plant power. Preferably with fresh tomato chutney. Yummm

the perfect lunch to bring outdoor. vegan, healthy, safe, pure, balancing and supporting your digestion = immune system. On sunny summer days don’t worry, you can bring them in the sunlight and they will stay nice.
You can keep them well for 2-3 days on a cool place.

Ingredients for about 15 sweet little pancake cookies

50 gr oat 
50 gr basmatirice or quinoa
50 gr green mung dal 
1 spoon fresh ginger 
½ ts asafoetida
½ ts aijwan (not more)
½ ts cumin powder
½ ts curcuma
¼ ts black pepper
100 gr very thin sliced vegetable
4 spoon fresh coriander (or basil, mint, etc) 
1 ts Himalaya salt

the rice and mung dal (the little green beans) together in water for minimum of 3 hours or overnight.  Take the water out and blend it until smooth, add the other ingredients. 

one spoon of ghee or coconut-oil and heat them on medium fire. 

Side dish
The best way to eat those yummie pancake cookies is with fresh home-made tomato chutney, my favorite! 

Pessaratu ! my favorite Ayurvedic pancakes

inspired by Rada, check her Ayurvedic cooking courses

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