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Dance of Devotion with KIRTANIYAS @ Pllek

Dance of Devotion’ is a contemporary mantra concert that you don’t want to miss!

The Kirtaniyas are coming to Amsterdam to infuse you with the elevating vibes of ecstatic kirtan, cacao ceremony with Shaz & The Medicine Man, world beats and visuals by DJ/VJ Rakesh, a live kirtan DJ set by Vijay Krsna and a kirtan jam with any of you that feels ready to jam with the band.

18:00-19:00 Doors open with Music & Visuals by DJ/VJ Rakesh
19:00-19:30 Sacred Songs by Lucid Yin
19:30-20:30 Cacao Ceremony with Shaz & the Medicine Man (Powered by Pure Kakaw)
20:30-22:00 Ecstatic Kirtan with the KIRTANIYAS; Vijay Krsna & Vraj Mohan
22:00-23:00 Live Kirtan DJ Set by Vijay Krsna
23:00-00:00 Music & Visuals by DJ/VJ Rakesh
00:00-01:00 Kirtan Jam (mantra musicians invited)

All of this in an intimate setting where you can feel at ease and enjoy. We’ll set up a nice ambiance with carpets on the floor, an altar, fresh flowers and candles to get a glimpse of the sacred vibes of India. You are warmly invited to come and sing along and/or bring your instruments for the final kirtan jam. This event is family friendly; there will be food and drinks available at the bar.

Online ticket: €25 / At the door: €30 / Group (4 tickets): €80 / Kids under 15: €12.50


About Kirtaniyas:
Vijay Krsna’s upbringing was a multicultural and multi-faith banquet of arts, music and meditation, where East converged with West in a sensory explosion of musical exploration. The son of a sound engineer, Vijay Krsna grew up with the rhythms of dub, reggae, Sufi qawwali, West African music, Bollywood, and kirtan emanating from his father’s home-engineered vinyl sound system. At the age of 17, Vijay Krsna left home to begin his worldwide journey as a traveling kirtan performer. His rich ethnic and musical childhood traveled with him and over the years has grown into a vibrant, heartfelt expression of self that can only be described as the romance between urban hip-hop and a profound devotional inner world. Vijay Krsna’s creations – be they his kirtans, his Bhakti-Yoga workshops, his self-designed clothes, or his hybridized unions of enchanting, ancient mantras with electronic dance music and subsonic bass – are all marked by an unmistakable artistic flare that celebrates the beauty of the paradoxical.

About Shaz & The Medicine Man
Our mission is to spread seeds of love & hope through music, teachings & ceremony. ‘ , & ? ? , & ?’ We invite you On the 26 th of July for a sacred ceremony with the heart opening master plant of raw cacao. Celebrating Life together with our voices & Medicine music. Playing dancing, healing & sharing. Remembering we are all One.



About VJ Rakesh
As a well known VJ he has been at the forefront of the conscious scene, blending visuals and images at conscious and barefoot dancing events since 2006. He likes to inspire people visually and uplift energy by creating an heart atmosphere in sync with music. His images often take you to new realms and dimensions inside yourself.

About Lucid Yin

The event is finished.


26 - 27 jul 2023


18:00 - 01:00

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