Playing with Space

When I perform one of my rituals once in a while -for example cleansing the house with burning white sage like today- I surrender my body & thoughts to just movement and breath and it feels so good! When I completely let go of “doing something” or “performing”, I reach that space who I really am, deep inside. It feels so much better to operate from that level. Let every movement start from the source, creating waves into the world. Instead of trying to be the wave. The body and the senses are limited and our thoughts about it even more.

When doing ritual I’m playing with the unseen, with the Space in between things. Space is completely unlimited. It is here and there and everywhere and without any end, surrounding and pervading all objects. If Space would not be there, nothing could exist. Nothing could breath. Nothing could grow and rise up to the skies. Every thing would be hard as steel. Solid matter with nothing in it and nothing around it than solid matter. There would be no-thing. Space is the element that allows everything to be, just as it is. It has no judgement. It does not interfere. It is just there. Music, art, ideas are all being born from it. Nothingness comes to form.

This is why it is so magical to play with Space. You might not understand it but you can embrace it, honour it, acknowledge it is there. It is not empty but fully aware. The silent witness, within and around. Feel the mystery of it and surrender to it. Surrender to something bigger than anything else. Don’t try to ‘box’ it through the thinking mind. Empty the mind and you will see clearly.

Try it. Create a little sacred Space for yourself, with a little altar or something meaningful and powerful for you. Sit down, withdraw your senses from the external world and direct your awareness inward. Once in there and at peace (can take a while) set your intention. Go inside that intention.  Breath it in, become a part of it and perform a little ritual if you feel like. Ritual is the surrender of the thinking mind and that allows us to enter the more mystical part. The sacred vibrations of your ritual will wave into the world and form your thoughts, words and actions. That is why it is so important. Let not your body and senses be your guide but the sacred being inside of you. The real You.

Find out more about Noëlle Sterk, the 5Elements, yoga, meditation and ritual: Sisters in Silence.

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